Leading Companies With Adaptive Funding

Sapta gives executives the ability to Unify, Decide, and Adapt to today’s fast-moving market and have the confidence to know strategy is being accurately executed across their organization.

At the core of our solution are our Adaptive Scorecards. These give executives the levers to test Innovation and Capital Allocations against their strategy, unify and optimize capital efficiency, and then have those decisions accurately reflected. These are driven from our core executive dashboard and dataset, SaptaAdapt.

Adaptive Scorecards are a way to take corporate strategy and break it into a set of “weights.” Those are then fed into our Weighting Engine to drive what we call “The Rubik’s Cube.” This data array looks across your Innovation Management, Capital Allocation and Strategic Portfolio Management efforts to ensure that you are using capital, resources, and headcount as efficiently to hit those overall strategic goals. More importantly, when strategy changes, so do the “weights,” which immediately spin the Rubik’s Cube to offer a new set up options that executives can approve and deploy seamlessly across their organization.

Sapta Adapt

A Single Source of Truth

The ability for executives to take their strategy and be able to disseminate it into all the parts of their organization means they they have a single place to understand how their strategy is being deployed, the impact on innovation and capital allocations, and whether this is keeping aligned with strategy

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Strategic Transformation

We give companies the tools to manage their digital transformation with confidence, know that they are using their capital efficiently and have a real time system to understand whether transformation efforts are staying in lockstep with their overall corporate strategy

Real Time Decisions

Most companies manage their adaptive funding with manual solutions or processes that are gated by quarters or even years. This means companies hit a “decision wall“ that prevents them from moving faster. Our dynamic scorecards give executives the tool to move past the decision wall and move to a real time strategic footing

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Harness the complete power of your community through Sapta Community. Our platform provides a central hub for engagement and collaboration, where members can gain valuable insights into your initiatives, offer feedback, and make suggestions based on their needs. Our platform encourages the sharing of new ideas and innovative features, enhancing your product offerings through the collective wisdom and field experiences of your community. Leverage these insights to drive innovation and foster brand loyalty. SaptaCommunity functions as a vital connector, empowering community members to strengthen bonds and relationships rooted in their connection with your organization. This ensures that every stakeholder’s voice is heard, valued, and engaged, nurturing a strong sense of community and collaboration

Revolutionize the innovation landscape within your enterprise with SaptaInnovation. Utilize the power of collective intelligence to drive innovation and accelerate the progress of your R&D efforts by fostering autonomy and responsibility within your workforce. Cultivate an environment that nurtures the inception of new products and services, thus inspiring your teams to forge innovative and collaborative ecosystems. SaptaInnovation enables teams to effectively quantify and validate initiatives to discover winners that can propel your enterprise ahead in rapidly evolving markets. You can eradicate operational silos and promote holistic collaboration to craft innovative product solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Unleash the full potential of your organization with SaptaOKR. Our platform facilitates a comprehensive view of strategies and objectives at every organizational level, fostering strategic alignment throughout the entire company. Users at all levels benefit from transparent, accountability with access to measurable metrics for all objectives across the organization. Your employees have the capability to align their workstream with the corporate strategy and OKRs by leveraging corporate, team and personal OKRs. It provides single pane of glass cultivating a true data-driven culture where every decision is made with empirical data, enhancing the precision and efficacy of organizational initiatives.

Gain a comprehensive and real-time view of your balanced scorecard with SaptaAllocation. Our platform enables you to leverage adaptive funding for better capital efficiency by recalibrating priorities agilely as business goal weightages fluctuate. Deep dive into every worthy initiative and elevate them into compelling business cases to unlock your capital investment rapidly and seamlessly. Our weightage system spotlights top initiatives for executive review, enabling faster data-driven business decisions.