Be Confident In Change

Sapta delivers the leading integrated solution for CxOs looking to deliver adaptive funding across their organizations. With our cloud-based platform, companies gain the ability to integrate their innovation and capital allocation effort into a single pane to deliver real time strategy to keep pace with today’s fast-moving markets.


Companies are challenged to deliver a single view of their corporate strategy in action, and how it is being activated across their organzation. Without that, there is no way to model and test across different innovation and capital allocation efforts to maximize that strategy. Only Sapta gives executives the single pane they need to see their strategy in action across their company.

  • Unify Strategy, Capital, and Innovation
  • Single Pane across Organization
  • Increase Capital Efficiency


Companies are being held back today with decision making that is either measured in months or years or is supported via manual and time-consuming methods. This leads to a “decision wall” that slows down strategy implementation. Sapta uses its adaptive scorecards to quickly give executives the decision tools they need to make quick and informed decisions.

  • Keep Velocity with Market
  • Effectively Weigh Decisions
  • Unify OKRs to Strategy


The ability to adapt and change to market conditions and competitors is the greatest challenge to adaptive funding. Without it, a company’s strategy will always trail the current market conditions. Sapta gives executives the insight to reweigh their priorities in real time, and immediately see the changes needed across their innovation management and capital allocation, and then tie OKRs to the new direction.

  • Have Confidence in Change
  • Keep Strategy Aligned
  • Change Reflected across Organization
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Sapta exists to power leading companies with adaptive funding

We give executives the tools they need to maximize their innovation and capital efficiency to keep pace with a changing world

For CEOs

Accelerate your ability to adapt quickly to change, by moving from annual to real-time decision-making

For CFOs

A platform where you can model, test, and deploy capital more efficiently than ever before

For CIOs

Increase the business impact of spend by aligning closer to strategy and increasing the velocity of your innovation

For Managers

Know that your goals and KPIs are always aligned against your department and corporate strategy